Istanbul Marathon 2018

Istanbul Marathon 2018

Istanbul Marathon 2018. Well, why not?

Marathon diaries watching footie with Lucas

Shortly before the above picture was taken I had decided to enter the Istanbul Marathon 2018. Sitting with Lucas and some friends watching England’s World cup campaign, it gives you a good idea of the difficult task in front of me (literally). Where did that tummy come from?

‘Why the Hell would you do that?’ A perfectly reasonable response when I mentioned to a friend that I was going to do it.

Here’s the How, When and Why?

Let’s start with the ‘how’; this is going to be by running regularly, eating sensibly, cutting back on alcohol and by getting mentally positive to accept the challenge. You can’t do it any other way when you are 49 years young, 2 stone overweight with high blood pressure and an arthritic hip. 80)

The ‘when’ is easy; it is Sunday 11th November 2018 and I have 15 weeks to train and get body & mind ready.

The ‘Why’? Well, here are 4 good reasons:

  1. Firstly, for my mum, who passed away 3 years ago after struggling with dementia for a number of years. If we are lucky enough to have happy childhoods then that is usually down to our parents. It’s also usually only as we get older that we can really appreciate our mums. My mother was a selfless woman who looked after me, did my washing, ironed my clothes, fed me (very well), gave me money and was always there for me, until she wasn’t. I just want to do something to remember her and running a marathon will be an act of catharsis.
  2. Charity; raising some money for two causes; the first is Dementia UK where I have set up a just giving page here and the second will benefit a local children’s orphanage or school here in Turkey, if anyone can help me with this then please get in touch. I’m looking to buy something to help with the education of less fortunate children. Someone that can help me plan this, ideally based in Turkey with a little time to spare would be brilliant. I will post more about charity in a later blog.
  3. The Challenge; really this started when the doctors’ advise was not to do it after the hip operation which meant that it is soon or never. Also, I’m 50 next year, so, if not now, then when? It provides me with some motivation, direction & focus. I also want to prove to myself that I can do it. And finally to try and set an example to my son, Lucas to hopefully generate a few proud feelings for his old man.

I’m going to keep a regular training blog to serve as a record of the effort put in and perhaps to be of some help anyone similar who might be interested in doing a marathon. In my next blog more information about the charity stuff and training.

I have already posted some more information about the Istanbul marathon here

Thanks for reading,

Cheers Ash.