Marathon Training Diary 1

Marathon Training Diary 1

Part 1 – The world is my gym & the charity stuff

So where do I start? I have decided to run the Istanbul Marathon 2018 but now need to work out how to train for it?

I’ve looked online at other people’s marathon training diary and think that it is not going to be for me. The problem is that I’m old enough to know my body pretty well by now and long-standing injuries together with being overweight, arthritic hip and high blood pressure mean that the program has to be personalised to suit me. Luckily 15 years working in health clubs and gyms gives me a good understanding of exercises & diet that is hopefully going to get the job done.

Firstly, I need to arrange a few running routes. This is not going to be easy as our house sits on top of a hill so the first 20 minutes of going downhill is great but then I will be walking back 80(

Then I remembered Peep Show:

So I get up at 5.30 am and travel 12 mins by car to our local beach. Any later and it is just too hot to run here at the moment.

Istanbul Marathon training diary Karadere Beach
Karadere Beach

The beach has a river running into the sea nearby so a natural cold bath after each run, bonus!

Istanbul Marathon training Karadere River
Karadere River

I decide to run for approx. 1 mile there and back, making a grand total of 2 miles. I’m doing this 5 times in my first two weeks of training. The first run is completed in about half an hour and leaves me gasping for breath with aches and pains in both legs. Luckily the river proves a great distraction as the water is freezing compared to my hot sweaty body mass. Whilst in the river I quickly realise that I’m going to have to convert my miles into kms as a 2 mile slow jog sounds rubbish. I convert this to a (3.21 km rounded up to nearest 5) ‘5k beach run’, how cool is that?

Here is a bit more about the charities I’m running for:

Tysd Ataturk Ortaokulu  is a very poor school in Diyarbakir, Eastern Turkey. My wife, Aysegul, has been in touch with the school teacher.  8 boys and 12 girls have no boots for school. The teacher has also requested school books, paper and crayons, glue and scissors. So rather than send them any money we can raise form my marathon attempt, we would rather buy the items and present them to the school. That way everyone who generously donates to this good cause can actually see where their donations have been spent.

Dementia UK – provides specialist dementia support through admiral nurses. The nurses work alongside people with dementia & their families: giving them the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions they need, and that can be hard to find elsewhere. Admiral Nurses are continually trained, developed & supported by Dementia UK. Families that have their support have someone truly expert & caring by their side. Here is my just giving page link for anyone who would like to donate Thank you.

I’m hoping to arrange a couple of fundraising events locally in the Fethiye area for Diyarbakir school, so anyone with any bright ideas please get in touch with me

More from my Marathon training diary coming soon…. Thanks for reading.

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