Marathon training Diary Part 2

Marathon training Diary Part 2

Marathon training, what exactly are you doing?

Well, & sorry to those completely uninterested, but I wanted to give more information about my exercises and marathon training routine. Hopefully, this can be useful for any middle-aged people interested in marathon training or just regular exercise. As I said previously I’m not following anyone else’s training routines but am putting my own together to suit my fitness level, age and ability. So far, having completed four 5 km runs, I’ve upped the distance and now am jogging 7 km on the beach 3 times a week. In between running days, there is a weight and HIT session day, a swimming 1km day and lastly a rest & beer day, my favourite;

Marathon training diary homer and beer 

The reason for the weights is that as we get older we lose muscle and bone density faster and so it is important to do some muscle work.  A HIT (High Intensity Training) session is also important because as we age we lose lung capacity and HIT sessions help improve this. A HIT session consists of a brief period (usually 45 – 60 seconds) of very high intensity training, this could be cycling, running, rowing. I am running on a treadmill. For 3 minutes its gentle jogging pace then 60 seconds of flatout sprinting followed by 60 seconds back to gentle jogging and repeat three times. After my HIT session its weights and for anyone interested here is my weights routine:

5 sets bench press 60kg 12 -15 reps a set; 5 sets squats 30kg (on smith machine) 12 -15 reps a set: 4 sets lunges with 10kg dumbells 10 reps each leg a set; 4 sets lat pull down machine 10-12 reps a set; 4 sets leg extension 10-12 reps a set; 3 sets shoulder press 10-12 reps a set; 3 sets calf raises 12-15 reps a set; 2 sets bicep curls 10 reps each arm; 2 sets tricep extensions 10-12 reps a set; 4 sets leg raises for core muscles 10-12 reps

This work out covers all the major muscles in the body. There is no real rest in between sets, instead I do a set of bench press then move straight to squatting then back to bench.  After weights  it’stretches and some very useful yoga positions such as ‘the plank’ and ‘superman’ below, which really help with core strength:

Marathon training diary the plank marathon training diary superman core exercise

Many people underestimate how important having a strong core is but if you do no other exercise it is worth doing a few daily core strength exercises. It helps with simple everyday things like our posture and stops us slouching. You don’t need a gym to work your muscles and maintain bone density. Exercises such as simple yoga positions, press ups, squats & lunges can be done without weights from the comfort of your own home every morning before breakfast. After every day’s exercise, I stretch for approx. 10 mins.

The beach jogs are getting a little easier as my body begins to accept what it was designed to do, albeit with less weight on board!

Now you are not going to get great Abs like these without doing some serious training and it has taken me a long time:

marathon training diary great abs


And I’m still nowhere near this dude’s stomach above. He.he…


Lastly, some more good news I have a new training partner.

marathon training diary female jogger


In fact she has been bugging me for ages to take her running and so I decided to let her join me. She is much fitter than I am and has better manners:


Welcome to my marathon training regime, Charlie:

marathon traiing diary Charlie dog

By the way, I know I didn’t fool anyone with my new training partner but we can all dream….

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