Marathon Training Diary Part 3

Marathon Training Diary Part 3

Nobody said it was easy

Part 3 of my marathon training diary. Training for a marathon certainly is not easy! In the last 3 or 4 weeks since my last blog I have been running both on the beach and around Fethiye Harbour below:

Karadere beach Turkey Marathon training route Turkey marathon training route Fethiye harbour

I definitely can’t complain about where I’m training. Both locations are beautiful. Its barefoot on the beach or early morning drives to Fethiye. Setting off around the harbour before it’s light. The temperatures are still too hot to run by mid-morning.

I’m now up to jogging 7 miles or 12 kms about three times a week. It’s taking me an hour and a half each time and my body is not happy; my muscles and joints ache, I’ve got blisters on my feet and chafing sores in places you don’t want to know about. But these are not the worse thing.

Turkey marathon training blister

The worse thing is that I have not lost any weight. I know why I haven’t lost any weight but that does not make it any easier to accept.

Three weeks after it was sent from the UK my running vest from ‘Dementia UK’ arrived. Size large, I tried it on & then sat down on my laptop to ask the fundraising assistant if she would kindly send another vest to Turkey? This time, extra-large please!

Turkey marathon training extra large vest

The problem is I love food. All food really. When I’ve done exercising my body and brain demand extra portions. Then when I’ve eaten too much my brain tells me it’s sugar time; chocolate, cake, biscuits, ice cream, it doesn’t matter. That’s the reason I’m not losing any weight.

So, if anybody wants to know the hardest thing about training for a marathon so far? I can safely say, far harder than the training, the blisters, the aches and pains it’s trying to stop eating lots of food.

Hopefully, by the time the next blog here gets posted, I will be at least a few kgs lighter. Its really not going to be any fun dragging the extra weight around. Certainly not for six hours on a Marathon course!

After a bit of research on my big weight problem, it seems that it’s not just me:

It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Bye for now…

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  1. Interesting Diary – good luck with your training you are now 1/3 of the required distance.
    Regards your weight problem, may I suggest you eat smaller portions?

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