Marathon Training Diary Part 4

Marathon Training Diary Part 4

The last entry before the Istanbul Marathon in 2 weeks time

Flights are now booked and I’m feeling excited, nervous and not a little worried!

I’ve had a hiccup in marathon training; after completing the ‘Race for Life’ Half Marathon two weeks ago. The next day I took 3 Austrians for a week hiking on the Lycian Way. They were lovely people and one of the ladies had just had her 80th birthday.

Lunchtime Lycian Way
Lunchtime Lycian Way

On day three, after 8 hours hiking, she smiled at me sweetly and I somehow managed to smile back, unable to tell her I was feeling just a bit tired!! Anyway, the upshot was that my body had enough and the result was man flu which put a stop to training. It is a scientific fact that only men can get ‘man flu’ and I like many others before me we try and suffer silently.

Man flu Joke

Got back on the horse yesterday and managed 21kms in 2 hours 20 mins. I really do wish now that  I was doing it on a horse, or a donkey 80)

My worry is the fact that I need to get closer to 40 kms to really have a chance of jogging most of the distance. The lungs seem to be OK and legs not too bad but my left hip (which doesn’t work properly anyway) is the worst and gets painful after about an hour on tarmac. The other issue not making feel any better is that I should be lighter. There has been enough time to lose more weight. The fact that I’m going to be carrying  5kgs too much around with me is my fault and this obviously makes life harder when trying to complete the Marathon. But its a bit late now..

So, what’s my goal?

Well, it was to complete the Istanbul Marathon in under 5 hours but that is looking like a big long shot. Realistically, it is now just to try and finish the race.

Wish me luck, fingers crossed…

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