The Istanbul Marathon

The Istanbul Marathon

The Istanbul Marathon has been run every year since 1979.

Istanbul marathon runners

It is the only marathon in the world that is run over two continents. The route begins on The Asian side of Istanbul and crosses the Bosphorus Bridge. It is one of the most stunning marathons in the world with (literally) breathtaking views across the city. The route passes many incredible sites including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia and Topkapi Palace. Much of the route runs along parallel to the Bosphorus waterway that divides this incredible city.

Here a map of the route for 2018

Istanbul Marathon route map

The Istanbul Marathon starts at 9am and runners have 6 hours to complete the route before they let the traffic flow again.

A recycling chip is designed to be inserted on top of runner’s trainers. It records the individual times for each runner who wears one.

Refreshment stations are located every 2.5kms after the first 5 km marker.

You must be 18 years old to enter the marathon (42km race), there does not seem to be any upper age limit?? (good news)

The Istanbul Marathon has been won 11 times by a Turkish national and 12 times by Kenyans. Twice has it has it been won by British men, (hmm…interesting.)

Vincent Kiplagat holds the record time for men of 2 hrs 10min 42secs.

In the women’s race it has been won 6 times by Russians and 7 times by Ethiopians.

Ruth Chepngetich holds the record time for women of 2 hrs 22 mins 36 secs

Here is the link to official Istanbul Marathon website

Here is an Istanbul Marathon You tube Video:

Looks exciting, doesn’t it? So, I reckon somewhere between 41/2  and 5 hours would be acceptable. Any more than 6 and you are likely to be run over! Istanbul traffic stops for nobody. That at least is an incentive to get it finished quickly. Watch this website & let’s see what happens.

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