Turkey property advice

Turkey property advice

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Buying a property or land  in Turkey

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Turkey Property Advice – The 6 key steps to take 


Thinking of buying property in Turkey? Perhaps doing what I did and buying land and then building your own house? Perhaps you have been on holiday to Turkey and loved the place you have stayed. You have some money in the bank. You dream of owning your own villa in the sun. OK, well, here are 6 key steps of Turkey Property advice that is key to following that dream

Step 1  Do Some Research

Find out more about the place you are interested in. Make a list of what is important to you. The about area you will be buying in? For example, is it close to the beach? Close to local shops? What about transport links? Distance from the airport? Do you want to join an expat community or live amongst the locals? Try and talk to people who already live there.

Step 2 Decide on your Priorities

What is your budget? What do you want from your property, for example; location, number of bedrooms, reception rooms, swimming pool and garden? Remember that if you are not living year-round then there will be maintenance. Are you intending to rent out your new property?

Step 3 Take your time

View a good selection of properties. It is likely there will be plenty of properties to choose from and no shortage of estate agents. Get a feel for the market. Listen to people and their advice (you will get plenty) but take it all with a large pinch of salt. I love Turkey and Turkish people generally but do not expect straight answers to questions. You will rarely get them. People like to please and say ‘yes’ to whatever you ask. Estate Agents in Turkey earn high commissions from both buyer and seller. Multiple agents have the same properties for sale.

Step 4 Negotiate

Don’t be frightened to make bold offers on land and property. Estate agents want to make sales. Do not expect them to negotiate hard on your behalf. If you cannot get the price you want then don’t be afraid to walk away.

Step 5 Appoint a Solicitor

You may want to do this before but do make sure that you have a solicitor who you can communicate effectively with. It is vital you understand the legal process of purchasing a house and your solicitor can explain this to you. They will be responsible for doing the legal paperwork. If you need help then get in touch and we can assist with this process. When buying land it is important to make sure that the person selling has the sole right to do so. Land can often be shared between family members or more than one person in Turkey.

Step 6 Reserve The property

If buying a property in Turkey you will need to place a non-refundable deposit, usually around 1000 Euros. If you are purchasing land make sure that you have the ‘Tapu’ checked with your solicitor. The Tapu is the most important document you have with a property or land.

sample Tapu
sample Tapu

Finally, my best Turkey property Advice – ‘Caveat Emptor’ or the translation from Latin – ‘Buyer beware’
Good Luck. I definitely don’t want to put you off. Building our own property here in Turkey is one of the best moves we made. We did, however, have our fair share of problems and pitfalls. Financial and time-consuming issues that happened even though one of us is Turkish!
If you would like some Turkey property advice then get in touch. I’m happy to share our experiences and answer questions about the process.

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